MaxCyte Presents at 22nd Annual ASGCT Meeting on Manufacturing Process for First CARMA™ Drug Candidate, Including One-Day Cell Processing

– CARMA drug candidates can be manufactured via streamlined, single-day process, providing a much needed faster turnaround of autologous cell therapy to patients
– CARMA cell therapies are engineered with the intention of reducing potential adverse events that have been evident with other CAR technologies and to allow for multiple dosing, an important feature for potential treatment of solid tumors

Gaithersburg, Maryland – May 1, 2019: MaxCyte, the global clinical-stage cell-based therapies and life sciences company, announced that Robert Keefe, Director of Technical Operations, provided an oral presentation on April 29, titled “Novel mRNA-based Autologous CAR Therapies in Oncology,” at the annual meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) in Washington, DC.

Dr. Keefe highlighted the CARMA platform’s key differentiating features, including manufacture and delivery to a patient in a fraction of the time compared to traditional chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) therapies and without a viral component. He also described the manufacturing feasibility data for MaxCyte’s first CARMA drug candidate, MCY-M11, a mesothelin-targeting chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), which is currently being evaluated in a Phase I clinical trial in mesothelin-expressing solid tumors at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Washington University in St Louis.

“The advancement of our first CARMA clinical trial, which is consistently showing the feasibility of our rapid manufacturing process, is significant for MaxCyte and the application of our technology,” said Claudio Dansky Ullmann, MD, MaxCyte’s Chief Medical Officer. “Development of a cell therapy with application in solid tumors is impactful for patients with unmet needs in a variety of cancers and we look forward to further advancing this program.”

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