MaxCyte Cell-Engineering Platform Boosts Development Programs of 14 Different Companies

The next major wave of treatment options for multiple diseases is cell therapies, and Gaithersburg-based MaxCyte is one of the companies driving this revolution.

So far, nine different cell therapies have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, with CAR-T therapies being among the first to receive the green light. More cell-based therapies are in various stages of preclinical and clinical development, with some using MaxCyte’s cell-engineering platform.

MaxCyte’s technologies are used to advance innovative cell-based research and next-generation cell therapies. Through 14 strategic platform licenses, MaxCyte’s technology can potentially be used in 75 different clinical programs. The most recent company to license the platform is Sana Biotechnology. Sana focuses on in vivo and ex vivo cell engineering platforms to develop therapies for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, CNS disorders, and genetic diseases.

With 14 separate cell therapy developers licensing MaxCyte’s Flow Electroporation technology and ExPERT platform, it may only be a matter of time before the company’s platform helps enable a drugmaker to achieve a regulatory win. And that first approval will result in an important milestone for the company, MaxCyte Chief Executive Officer Doug Doerfler said.

Doerfler touted the capabilities of his company’s technology platform, which he said could be used for preclinical development all the way through Phase III studies and commercialization. In an interview with BioBuzz, Doerfler noted that some of the companies that have licensed the technology are approaching the commercial launch of their drugs, which he said will be a key milestone for MaxCyte.

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