CBS Baltimore: Hopewell Cancer Supports 20th Reach Out & Run

Current and recovering cancer patients will walk and run this weekend for the 20th annual Reach Out & Run to benefit Hopewell Cancer Support.

All Hopewell Cancer Support services are free, and this is how they do it.

Getting well and staying well has become a way of life for Susan and Peter Van Buren.

She is a breast cancer survivor, and Peter’s sister died of leukemia. They’ll be participating in the Hopewell Reach Out & Run on Sunday.

“It’s a wonderful time to be outdoors and think of all the people who have been a part of our lives,” said Peter Van Buren. “Our family and friends who have been affected by cancer, those that are here and those that are not.”

Pamela Tanton is a race participant and physical movement instructor whose friend had breast cancer.

“She said qigong would be perfect for Hopewell, so I came here,” said Tanton. “Soon after that, she died. So I started my race team for Reach Out & Run after her. Her name is Biddie Frame.”

The names of other Hopewell participants in honor and in memory will line the course of the race at Goucher College Sunday morning.

Elise Ziv is a longtime volunteer whose family found help during her husband’s battle with brain cancer that ended his life.

“We’re all in the same boat, we get it. You come into Hopewell, you get it. You’re around people who understand, you don’t have to say anything,” said Ziv. “And that support emotionally is so uplifting and strengthening.”

Those relying on that strength invite others to join in on the one event that has kept Hopewell going for 20 years.

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