GlycoMimetics Joins New Sickle Cell Disease Coalition, Issues Call to Action to Improve Treatment and Care

GlycoMimetics joins leading patient advocacy groups, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, industry, and foundations in a collective effort to improve sickle cell disease (SCD) care, early diagnosis, treatment, and research both in the United States and globally. The newly formed Sickle Cell Disease Coalition’s first order of business is an international call to action to change the status quo of SCD.

SCD is an inherited, lifelong disorder characterized by red blood cells that become rigid and sickle-shaped, which causes them to stick together and block the flow of oxygen to the body, leading to intense pain and other serious issues such as stroke, organ failure, and even death. SCD affects nearly 100,000 Americans. It is a growing global health problem, and it is estimated that by 2050 the number of people with SCD will increase by 30 percent globally.  Over the last century, several important discoveries have led to improved diagnosis and treatments, but people with the disease still have severe complications and shorter life expectancy. Many are unable to access the care they need and live with pain and disability due to a lack of effective treatment options. Read more.