BioBuzz: Five Companies That Are Powering The Cell and Gene Therapy Revolution (MaxCyte Included)

Several Maryland companies are making a global impact in the field of cell and gene therapy

July 16, 2019

The promise of cell and gene therapies to cure unmet medical needs is finally starting to come through as life-saving new medicines are now hitting the market every year. The global market for gene therapies was estimated at $2.3 billion in 2018 and it is expected to hit a compound annual growth rate of 49.9% to reach  $17.4 billion in 2023

The 2017 FDA landmark approval of Novartis’ KYMRIAH to treat a rare form of childhood blindness marked the beginning of a revolution in the cell and gene therapy field.  Since then we have seen that the advances in the field are finally producing results and several more products have received FDA approval. Recent notable approvals include Spark Therapeutics’  LUXTURNA, Kite Pharma’s YESCARTA, and the most recent approval of ZOLGENSMA developed by AveXis (a Novartis company). 

While these big therapeutic companies are taking the top headlines, there is a whole ecosystem of innovative biotech and life science technology companies behind them that are developing the tools, technologies, and infrastructure that is propelling the industry forward.

We have identified five companies that stand out for their unique technologies and solutions that are responsible for driving progress in the cell and gene therapy field and helping their partners bring their products through the clinic and to the patients that need them.  

#2. MaxCyte

MaxCyte stands out as a unique biotech company that is helping to unlock the full potential of cell and gene therapies by fueling the progress of its many partners and collaborators. Part of what makes MaxCyte unique is that the company is not only a leading life sciences instrumentation company for cellular engineering, but it is also advancing its own portfolio of clinical-stage cell-based therapies. 

Founded in 1999, MaxCyte’s core technology is a proprietary, advanced cell engineering platform that is enabling leading companies like Kite Pharma, a Gilead Company, and CRISPR Therapeutics to advance their cell-based medicine to patients with high unmet medical needs.

To benchmark the level of impact MaxCyte is making in the field, the company now has more than 70 partnered program licenses in cell therapy with more than 35 licensed for clinical use, including four announced commercial licenses covering potentially more than 30 products. One such program that was announced in March of this year is a multi-drug clinical and commercial agreement with Kite, a Gilead Company, who will use MaxCyte’s Flow Electroporation® Technology to enable non-viral cell engineering for the development of multiple CAR-T drug candidates for up to 10 targets.

Earlier this year the company launched the new ExPERT™ technology platform. This family of instruments represents the next generation of the industry’s leading, clinically validated Flow Electroporation® Technology for complex cellular engineering.

“Creating cellular editing platforms standardized on a single, scalable, high-performance technology can assist the industry in accelerating timelines, reducing costs and achieving milestones critical to the translation of this promising new generation of cellular therapies,” shared Brad Calvin, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Operations for MaxCyte.

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