BioBuzz: Former MedImmune Employees Leading In the BioHealth Capital Region and Beyond

In a recent conversation someone shared the quote “You can’t throw a stone in the BioHealth Capital Region and not hit somebody who worked at MedImmune”. This statement emphasizes how important the company was in seeding the growth of the biotech industry in Maryland. Founded by Wayne T. Hockmeyer in 1988 as Molecular Vaccines, Inc., MedImmune became one of the cornerstone Biotech companies in what eventually was named the BioHealth Capital Region.

Powered by the drug Synagis, MedImmune grew quickly in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s with a sales force in the hundreds and a new campus in Gaithersburg located across the street from the Kentlands.

Purchased by AstraZeneca for $15.6B in 2007, the MedImmune brand was kept as a new biologics R&D division of the parent company.

In early 2019 after over 30 years, AstraZeneca retired the MedImmune brand but its legacy lives on and can be felt from the labs to the boardrooms of nearly every company in the region today.

Here’s a deeper look into MedImmune’s legacy with the help of former employees and how it has impacted their careers as they moved on to other organizations in the BioHealth Capital Region and beyond.

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